About LifeGems

LifeGems is a collection of notes, designed to provide honest insights into real life events.

LifeGems present only a glimpse of the experiences that inspire them, allowing each one to deliver a focussed message. Some offer advice, some review places or events and the rest are purely snapshots from someone’s true story.

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For now, LifeGems are the thoughts of just one person, but hopefully the future will make room for many more to share their experiences.



Sarah (London, UK) Sarah spent a year travelling and working in a Canadian ski resort after finishing her Psychology degree. She now works in Business Development, Marketing & Events. “Travelling teaches us so many incredible, poignant, ridiculous, trivial things that when we come back we kind of want to talk about it A LOT. It’s made me start picking up on similar things in life back home too. That’s pretty much why I created LifeGems. I want to turn all these thoughts and memories into useful little gems of info for other people planning to do the same things. I hope you find some that inspire you …”