Review: Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

The Blackbird Tea Rooms is my favourite of all the cutesy cafes and coffee shops in Brighton’s Laines. With a 1940s theme, the traditional tea rooms are brimming with vintage memorabilia and as the bell rings when you open the door, you are transported back in time.

The menu consists of all day breakfast and lunch items alongside sumptuous afternoon tea selections and gorgeous cakes. The Blackbird’s own-brand loose leaf teas are served in mismatching porcelain along with dainty tea strainers to do the job properly. They also sell their teas in pouches for you to enjoy at home.

The cinnamon french toast is a glutton’s dream and the essential scones served warm and light. Service is friendly and efficient with pinafored waitresses taking orders on iPads and delivering  food sent up from the kitchen via hatches on each floor. Everyone I’ve taken there has loved it to bits, both for it’s uniquely charming atmosphere and deliciously naughty treats.


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